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Child Safeguarding

Child Safeguarding Commitment Statement

The Society of the Divine Savior (SALVATORIANS) Australian Region, as a religious missionary Congregation and a member of CRA is committed to the safety of children, young people and vulnerable adults. We believe in

their right to be safe and feel safe in their interactions with us. We promote the safety of children, young people and vulnerable adults in our care and are committed to maintaining a pastoral community that models the essential qualities of respectful, ethical and moral behaviours. Every person involved with the Salvatorians, who comes into contact or works with children seeks to act in the child’s best interest and commits to establishing healthy and respectful relationships.
We have zero tolerance on any form of abuse, particularly that of child abuse. As such, the Australian Region commits to liaising closely with statutory agencies and with Catholic Professional Standards Limited (CPSL) to ensure that standards are met, and procedures are in place that allow for transparent practices.
It is always possible to speak to a member of the provincial Safeguarding Commission or local Safeguarding representative in total confidence.

Code of Conduct SDS

Integrity in Ministry is a code of conduct for clergy, religious and lay people carrying out formal ministries on behalf of the Catholic Church in Australia.

The principles and standards of the Integrity in Ministry include a commitment to:

  • Respect in all relationships

  • Fairness and equity

  • Faith, poverty, chastity, celibacy and obedience

  • Developing and maintaining competence

  • Justice

  • Maintaining personal well-being

  • Stewardship in administration

  • Respond to concerns or complaints of abuse

Integrity in the Service of the Church is a document of behavior principles and standards for Lay Church Workers within the Catholic Church of Australia, including employees and volunteers.

The principles and standards within Integrity in the Service of the Church include a commitment to:

  • Justice and Equity

  • Dignity and Rights of all

  • Safe and Supportive Relationships

  • The poor, alienated or marginalised

  • Excellence in work

These Integrity in Ministry Code of Conduct and Integrity in the Service of the Church document are the work of the National Committee for Professional Standards with the Australian Catholic Bishops Council and Catholic Religious Australia.

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